Arquebuse de L’Hermitage

In 1857, Brother Emmanuel, herbalist of the Marist Brothers from the Hermitage Monastery, in Saint Genis Laval, developed the finalized formula for Arquebuse de l’Hermitage. This incredible beverage is made by macerating and then distilling 33 plants with multiple benefits. The amazing quality of Arquebuse made it extremely well-known. According to legend, this beverage was used to treat those wounded by harquebus shots and, as such, led to the famous name we know it by today. Its success gave rise to numerous counterfeits down through the years. Arquebuse de l’Hermitage, a white, sugar-free, preservative-free spirit alcohol made by macerating and distilling 33 plants with multiple benefits, invites you to discover its unique and intense taste. It should be served chilled on the rocks or in a cocktail, enhanced with lemon juice and/or lemonade or on its own with pineapple juice. It may also be served hot as a grog and used to flavour cooking recipes.

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