Whatever the variety of the cherries, they are all members of the Rosaceae family.
There are more than 600 varieties throughout the world, grouped according to two botanical origins :
- Sweet cherries of the
“Prunus avium” merise cherry tree,
- Sour cherries of the
“Prunus cerasus” griotte cherry tree.

The sweet cherries

The merise tree originated in Europe. It is also known as the gean or wild cherry tree.

These trees produce numerous varieties of cherries :
- Wild cherries, rather fleshy, blackish in colour, their flesh has a thick, dull consistency. They originated in Europe and are also known as merises.
- Slightly larger guigne cherries are red or black. Their soft flesh is very sweet and richly flavoured. It is with guigne cherries that the best kirsch is made.
- Lush bigarreau cherries, ivory or tender red in colour, have a firm crunchy flesh. Their heart is red or yellowy red and their juice is colourless.
- The juicy Bing, purple red in colour.

They have pretty names. For example: Coeur de Pigeon, Early Burlat, Napoleon, Reverchon, Géant d’Hedelfingen, Early Rivers, Stella...

Cherry Rocher uses Géant d’Hedelfingen, with its superb dark purple colour, for its long, strong aromatic notes.

The sour cherries

The sour cherries were developed from the Prunus cerasus, which grew in the wild around the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.
During the Middle Ages cherry trees were developed especially in Germany and England where, in 1640, there were more than 24 varieties.

The sour cherries, rich in vitamin A, grow on smaller trees with many branches and greener leaves. These are the most used in the preparation of liqueurs and brandies.

There are more than 300 varieties, of which :
- Montmorency, a dark red colour, with a pale juice, fleshy and slightly acid.
- Oblacinska, very round and firm, it is smaller in size and its stone is proportionally smaller, which makes it an ideal cherry for stoning.
- Marasca cherry.
- Griotte cherry with its dark juice, also called amarelle.
- Duke cherries, derived from the crossing of sour cherries and sweet cherries, with a red translucent flesh, tender and soft, with a colourless rather acidulated juice.

Cherry Rocher has selected at least seven varieties for the manufacture of the best products :
- Géant d’Hedelfingen with its fine dark purple colour
- The black Dauphiné cherry
- Summit
- Schatten-Morell
- Montmorency
- Oblacinska
- Van

The “cellarman’s” art is to know how to blend the flavours of these different varieties and the characteristics of each harvest to offer you Cherry Rocher top quality.

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