Private labels

Cherry Rocher has been partnering with retailers since private labels first appeared.

We specialize in the highly-specific fruit crèmes, fruit aperitifs and liqueurs, and plant markets.

We provide our knowledge of orchards, of selecting fruit and of pressing to distributors.

Our industrial facilities are flexible and productive: three filling lines are tailored to various bottle formats and models and to different types of labelling.

Cherry-Rocher : des marques de distributeurs

Established on the outskirts of Lyon, close to the major motorway networks, we benefit from highly-effective logistical infrastructures.

Our products

Fruit crèmes, liqueurs, aperitifs

  • 10 blackcurrant crème references
  • 12 blackberry crème references
  • Raspberry, white peach, wild peach crèmes
  • Other fruit: strawberry, apricot, etc.
  • Leader for guignolets
  • Gentian liqueur
  • Other plants: verbena, etc.
  • Coconut, coconut + rum liqueur, etc.
  • Modern liqueurs
  • Ready-to-drink cocktails

… and any other fruit or plant that you would like a reference for, using your own, bespoke formulation.

Our knowledge of orchards

Our arboreal heritage

Cherry-Rocher : un vaste vergers de 6000 cerisiers

Since the 19th century, CHERRY-ROCHER promotes the planting of orchards with selected plants.

Today, our company directly cultivates a vast orchard of 6,000 cherry trees of several varieties right at the heart of the Ardèche region. Our in-depth arboriculture experience is beneficial for selecting raw materials purchased from different production areas. This ensures the origin and quality of all our products.

Our industrial facilities

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