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Reveal products’ distinctive complexity and finesse.

We have two production facilities :

La Côte Saint André

Our facility in La Côte Saint-André is dedicated to the heart of our business: extraction using maceration or distillation and, occasionally, both combined.


All our raw materials are delivered and checked here prior to being macerated in alcohol and/or distilled.        
Through these processes the quintessence of fruit, plants and spices is extracted.

By macerating, we extract the flavour and colour; by distilling we obtain spirits that provide us with complementary natural aromatic notes.

For many decades now, we have been paying great attention to the choice of our raw materials: fruit, plants and spices, which we select from longstanding partners and which are mainly grown in France.

Respect for the fruit, for the recipes, for the time required to achieve excellent quality control, ensure we provide you with the highest standards of taste enhanced by delicate yet powerful aromatic notes.

Liqueur makers’ know-how and expertise focus on mastering all these processes, on their own or combined, to reveal products’ distinctive complexity and finesse.


Our Ruy facility, perfectly located right at the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, centralizes product completion steps and packaging. This site also hosts company management departments and, more specifically, our Research, Development and Quality Unit. Through this organization, Cherry Rocher is able to offer its customers an inexhaustible source of flavours and perfect quality control.


Perfect process control throughout the production line


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