Industry & Catering

Industry & Catering

300 years of know-how and expertise, in-depth partnership experience with the most demanding industrial groups and catering professionals: flavourists, liqueur makers, brewers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice cream makers, curing operators, caterers, etc.

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Our fruit, plant and spice extracts


Obtained by extracting the aromatic molecules from a plant by dissolving the plant in a liquid at room temperature (also known as cold pressing).



Distillation is the evaporation of an alcoholised liquid mixed with an aromatic raw material. The condensed cooled vapour, filled with extracted aromatic molecules, is collected as a liquid, known as distillate, alcoholate or spirit.

Distillas, alcoolats, esprits

Bulk spirits and alcohols for the catering business, gastronomy

Alcools pour la gastronomieALCOHOLS & EAUX DE VIE
Armagnac, Brandy, Calvados, Cognac, Eaux-de-vie, Kirsch, Madeira, Port, Rum, Triple Sec, Whisky, Genepi, Amaretto liqueur, coffee liqueur, etc.

Truffles, morels, ceps.


Fruit macerated whole, cubed, veloutés.
Cherries, grapes, apples, figs, etc.

Cherry-Rocher : conditionnementCherry-Rocher Industrie


Cherry-Rocher Industrie


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