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The orchard

Since the 19th century, CHERRY ROCHER directly cultivates a vast orchard of 6,000 cherry trees of several varieties at the heart of the Ardèche region.

Our in-depth arboriculture experience is beneficial for selecting raw materials purchased from different production areas. This ensures the origin and quality of all our products.


An arboreal heritage to be at one with nature :

Although they are known by different names like Bigarreaux (Royal Ann), Guignes (geans), Merises (wild cherries) or Griottes (Morello cherries), Amarelles (sour cherries) or Montmorency, cherries all belong to the Rosaceae family.

There are over 600 varieties in the world and they are classified according to two botanical origins :

  • the sweet cherries of the “Prunus avium”, sweet cherry tree,
  • the sour cherries of the “Prunus cerasus ”, sour cherry tree.

Sweet cherries

The sweet cherry tree is of European origin. It is also known as wild cherry tree or gean cherry tree.       
These trees produce many varieties of cherry :

  • wild cherries, which are quite plump, blackish in colour, with mushy flesh. They originate in Europe and are also known as sweet cherries.
  • geans, which are slightly bigger, red or black, with very sweet, highly-flavoured, soft flesh. The best kirsch is made with gean cherries.
  • the copious Royal Ann cherries, with their ivory or soft red robe, have firm, crunchy flesh. Their centre is red or vermilion yellow and their juice is colourless.
  • the bing cherry is juicy and reddish-purple in colour.

Cherries all have charming names. For example: Pigeon Heart, Hatif Burlat, Napoleon, Reverchon, Géant d’Hedelfingen, Early Rivers, Stella, etc.

Cherry Rocher uses the Géant d’Hedelfingen, with its exquisite dark purple robe, for its lingering and potent aromatic notes.

Sour cherries

Our sour cherries are selected from Prunus cerasus trees, which grow wild around the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.    
During the Middle Ages, cherry trees developed greatly in Germany and in England where, in 1640, over 24 varieties existed.        
Sour cherries, which are rich in vitamin A, grow on trees that are smaller in size and have ramified branches and greener foliage. These cherries are the ones used more frequently for creating liqueurs and eaux-de-vie.

More than 300 varieties exist, including :

  • Montmorency, with its dark red robe, clear-coloured juice, and which is plump and acidulous.
  • Oblacinska, which is well-rounded and very firm, is a smaller calibre with a proportionally smaller pit, and the perfect cherry for pitting.
  • Marasque or marasca.
  • Morello with its dark juice, also known as the amarelle cherry.
  • English cherries, produced by cross-cultivating cherry trees and wild cherry trees, with their tender and soft, translucent red flesh and colourless acidulous juice.

Cherry Rocher has selected no less than 7 varieties for making the best products :

  • Géant d’Hedelfingen with its exquisite dark purple robe.
  • Dauphiné black cherry
  • Summit
  • Schatten-Morell
  • Montmorency
  • Oblacinska
  • Van

The cellar master’s art consists in creating with the aromatic notes of these different varieties and the distinctive characteristics of each harvest, to offer you Cherry Rocher’s high quality.