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Pondy Gin

70 cl - 40%


Pondy Gin, special selection

Pondy Gin is distilled from carefully selected botanicals and offers a bouquet of rare fragrances: juniper berries, thyme, coriander, orange peel, hyssop…

Subtle notes combine in a refreshing harmony that makes the character of this London Dry Gin.

Taste it and imagine yourself in the middle of a palace where the scents of the world are part of life.


How to enjoy it ?

Gin is a dry spirit and is often used as a base for cocktails, especially with Tonic. It is a particularly popular spirit in mixology (the art of creating cocktails) because it allows you to develop your creativity as well as your technical skills.


Cocktail Idea

For a change from the classic and timeless “Gin Tonic”, discover this colourful cocktail:


In a shaker, pour the Pondy Gin, triple sec, crème de cassis and lemon juice and shake.

Serve in a Martini glass and top up with Tonic.

Decorate the glass with a zest of Combava to give your cocktail an exotic touch.


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