Hauban 5 year old rum – Marie-Galante Island - Cherry Rocher

Hauban 5 year old rum – Marie-Galante Island

70 cl - 40%


Discovered by Christopher Columbus, this Antilles archipalego located at the east of Guadeloupe took the name of his second boat.

Rocked by the trade winds of the Caribbean sea, the sugar canes grows for 15 months until they are ripe.
Harvested by hand, we extract the juice as always just like in the 19th century by squeezing the plant.

Fermented then distilled, this 5 year old rum through time and space.

Close your eyes, taste it and let yourself be taken away by history. Each bottle is numbered

Eye: Bronze, shining
Nose: Strong, vanilla hints


To be enjoyed pure in an fiery rum glass.
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