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Absinthe Grand Or

70cl - 65°


This 65° absinthe is made by distilling a selection of plants including grand wormwood and Roman wormwood. Its color is natural and is produced by maceration.

It was awarded the “Grand Or” award during the 2014 Pontarlier Absinthiades, the national reference competition that selects the best absinthes in France. Our 65° Absinthe also became a gold medal recipient at the Paris Agricultural Contests of 2016 and 2018.



Pour a measure of absinthe into a glass then dissolve a sugar cube, placed on the absinthe spoon, by slowly pouring iced water over it (5 to 6 volumes of water). May also be served as an after-dinner liqueur on the rocks or flambé in the glas.


Golden-brown your scallops with a dash of absinthe, then flambé them.


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